This Term

This Term was great, it was my first term in grade six with an awesome teacher and to put it all together I shaved off my head!

This is also my next monthly post which means the answer to my last post’s question which was “what is the name of the cloaked figure that guards the wizard prison azkaban?” and the answer is “a Dementor”. So well done to those who got it right! My next question is, what does it say on Sirius Black’s wanted poster in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkban? I will post the answer on my next monthly post, but for now good luck!

This term has been great, here are some of the highlights!

  • Twilight Sports (green team sadly won)
  • Shaving my head for pancreatic cancer research
  • Winning the best mask award in Italian
  • Doing a really cool Powtoon for Gender Equality in inquiry
  • Genius hour
  • About twenty art pieces so far
  • And those are just some of the things!

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Stay Tuned For my next Post Potter Fans!


Welcome To A New Year!

Hi everyone, welcome back to a new year! So far the year has been great, and it will continue to be great through-out the year with new friends, new classes and new learning. This year I have dedicated my blog to Harry Potter and with each monthly post will come a new Harry Potter Quiz Question!

This month’s Harry Potter question is….

What is the name of the cloaked figure that guards Azkaban the wizarding prison?

If you have an answer, you can comment it to me before my next post where I will put the answer!

Until next week PEACE OUT Harry Potter GEEKS!


This week was very, very busy. On Monday a new student  teacher named Ms Ward was going  to to stay in our class for the month. Our usual sport teacher wasn’t there so a substitute came to fill in and we played dodgeball the whole time! On Tuesday we went on an excursion to the Dandenong Ranges which was very fun and we learnt all about the dry forests and rainforests. Wednesday was a very exciting day for the grade 5’s because they met there prep buddies for next year! I have two boys, Zeyad and Sebastian. On Thursday Senora Senzo assessed us on Italian and I think I did Ok. On Friday Ms Ward took us for sport and we played cricket and basketball! Friday nights the annual school disco but I’m not allowed to go because I have to go to choir practise.   ):



On Wednesday the 9th of November, the seniors went to Camp Rumbug!

Here is a brief reflection on my experience!


The best part: was definitely everything we did on Thursday! (trust exercises, aeroball, flying fox and canoeing)

The funniest thing: was when everyone got saturated in dirty water and mud on the mud run!

The hardest part: was jail break because we had to help each other through huge tires that were 1 1/2 metres off the ground!

Something I learned: was teamwork is very important!

Someone I got to know better: was Lachlan, James and Matthew.

Something that surprised me: was how small it was compared to other camps that I have been to.

Most memorable part: was holding the rope for a bridge too far which was one of our trust activities.

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Today in class, we watched a video about landfill. We learnt all about the process of a piece of rubbish and how it ends up in the ground, I did not know that first everything goes to a place where they figure out if the rubbish can be recycled or not, the stuff that can’t be recycled, goes to the landfill site, where they bury it 16 metres under the ground! Then once they’ve covered it with a very thick layer of dirt, they plant trees on top, to breathe in the carbon dioxide that the rubbish makes. But carbon dioxide is not the only gas that it produces, it also produces methane and that is pretty bad, but in some countries, methane is used to make electricity, so that is the goal now for Australia. We also learnt which bins to use for different objects. I believe that if they can figure out how to turn methane into electricity, then Australia will be all good! What do you think is a good suggestion, to making landfill more environment friendly?

Here’s the link for the video:


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