Where I Would Love To Visit And Why

Hi everyone, this week in the student blogging challenge we’ve been told to write a post about where we would love to visit and why, this is mine.

The place I would most love to visit would have to be Fiji because I’ve heard that the oceans there are really blue and I would love to swim in them! Also, from pictures I’ve seen the beaches look really nice aswell and I think people have beach houses, on the beach!

So that’s where I’d love to visit and why!

Peace out, Will


2 thoughts on “Where I Would Love To Visit And Why

  1. Thanks Will,
    Fiji does sound ideal too and another thing people like is the weather and the people are reported to be very friendly.
    Unfortunately, they are currently recovering from a nasty cyclone ! Let’s hope they get everything back to normal soon.

    Mrs C

  2. Hi Will,

    Fiji does look and sound fabulous. And they will need lots of tourists to visit to help them recover from that cyclone.

    Ms Scott

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