Today in class, we watched a video about landfill. We learnt all about the process of a piece of rubbish and how it ends up in the ground, I did not know that first everything goes to a place where they figure out if the rubbish can be recycled or not, the stuff that can’t be recycled, goes to the landfill site, where they bury it 16 metres under the ground! Then once they’ve covered it with a very thick layer of dirt, they plant trees on top, to breathe in the carbon dioxide that the rubbish makes. But carbon dioxide is not the only gas that it produces, it also produces methane and that is pretty bad, but in some countries, methane is used to make electricity, so that is the goal now for Australia. We also learnt which bins to use for different objects. I believe that if they can figure out how to turn methane into electricity, then Australia will be all good! What do you think is a good suggestion, to making landfill more environment friendly?

Here’s the link for the video:


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