This Term

This Term was great, it was my first term in grade six with an awesome teacher and to put it all together I shaved off my head!

This is also my next monthly post which means the answer to my last post’s question which was “what is the name of the cloaked figure that guards the wizard prison azkaban?” and the answer is “a Dementor”. So well done to those who got it right! My next question is, what does it say on Sirius Black’s wanted poster in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkban? I will post the answer on my next monthly post, but for now good luck!

This term has been great, here are some of the highlights!

  • Twilight Sports (green team sadly won)
  • Shaving my head for pancreatic cancer research
  • Winning the best mask award in Italian
  • Doing a really cool Powtoon for Gender Equality in inquiry
  • Genius hour
  • About twenty art pieces so far
  • And those are just some of the things!

Image result for carnivale maskImage result for dementor






Stay Tuned For my next Post Potter Fans!


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