Where I Would Love To Visit And Why

Hi everyone, this week in the student blogging challenge we’ve been told to write a post about where we would love to visit and why, this is mine.

The place I would most love to visit would have to be Fiji because I’ve heard that the oceans there are really blue and I would love to swim in them! Also, from pictures I’ve seen the beaches look really nice aswell and I think people have beach houses, on the beach!

So that’s where I’d love to visit and why!

Peace out, Will


My Term 1 Holidays!

On my term 1 holidays I did a lot of cool stuff. But I would like to tell you about my favorite thing that I did.

It was Friday morning, I was in my pyjamas watching TV when suddenly my auntie and my cousin came in the driveway and then I remembered that my auntie was taking me to the movies! I quickly got changed and went out.

First we had to take my cousin Gracie to Nana’s house because my mum and sisters were taking her to Bounce. Then we got back in the car and drove to Forest Hill Chase. Before we went to Hoyts we had to go to Coles to get a packet of chips and a drink each, then we started to head over to Hoyts.

We thought our movie started at 10:30 but it didn’t start until 11:30, so we decided to get a drink at Maccas. The movie we were seeing was Batman Vs Superman, which my auntie  had seen a week ago and she told me it had something to do with The Justice League, so we got into a big conversation about The Justice League and then I mentioned the DC Graphic Novel Collection so we went to the News Agent to get the first comic.

By that time it was 11:20 so we started to head over to Hoyts again and find our seats. I don’t want to be a spoiler but….


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Term 1 Reflection/My Favorite Parts

My favorite part of this term was when we did the how many shapes can you see and the inquiry P.L.T. (Personal Learning Task) Because I did a project on going to the toilet, we made a list of suggestions that we could do and when I looked at the list, it sounded awesome!

Peace Out!

The Start of a Good 2016

Hi everyone, can you believe its almost the end of term 1 already! This is a start to a great year that we will have lots of fun (like always) and become friends with  kids all around the world with the Student Blogging Challenge!

Peace out, Will

2016 Calender on the red cubes

Welcome To My Blog

Hello everyone, my name’s Will, welcome to my blog.

I’d love it if you stuck around checked out my About Me page.

Thanks, stay tuned for more.